The 2-component silicone for the “bonded window” with increased reinforcement

2-component silicone adhesive and sealant on alkoxy basis condensation curing

For indoor and outdoor application


  • Compatible with many insulating glass edge compound materials - see compatibility list on website
  • Suitable for processing insulating glass panes
  • Compatible with PVB sheets according to ift guideline DI-02/1
  • Suitable for processing VSG
  • Non-corrosive
  • No (oxidation) corrosion on unprotected metal surfaces
  • Very good adhesion on many substrates even without primer
  • Often primerless processing possible, see primer table in technical data sheet
  • Low odour
  • Convenient processing
  • Fast curing even in thick layers
  • Fast further processing
  • Reliable curing in a defined period of time
  • Predictable handling and functional strength
  • Very high Shore A hardness
  • High strength enables increased stiffening in bonded windows
  • High resistance to notches, tension and tearing
  • Resistant to high mechanical stresses
  • Excellent weathering, ageing and UV-resistance
  • For long-lasting indoor and outdoor applications

Fields of application

  • Bonding and sealing of windows - direct glazing - bonding of insulated glass units in the window casements (PVC, wood, aluminium) - please note compatibility list.
  • Suitable for the production of windows reaching standard RC 2 or RC 3 according to DIN V ENV 1627

Standards and tests

  • Qualified commentary by the eph Dresden, Germany on the execution of glas- connecting systems in burglary prooved wooden windows of the resistance class RC 2, rebate bonding in combination with bonding of the glass stemming profile
  • Classification according to building certification systems, see the sustainability data sheet


Due to typographical reasons the colours shown below may differ from the original colours of the products.

490 ml BlueLine plastic cartridge 200 l Drum (component A) 20 l hobbock (component B)
dark grey
S670-2165-111-C148 on request on request
Packaging unit 8/Box incl. 8 static mixing nozzles* 1 1
Pieces per pallet 480 2 16

*OTTO Static mixing nozzle MBLTX 14-16V

Products, packaging Units and/or colours bearing order codes are available ex warehouse in standard commercial quantities.

Ottocoll S670 Blueline Kartusche

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