OTTOTAPE Fixing tape

The double-sided adhesive fixing tape


  • Double sided pure acrylate PE foam strip
  • Excellent weathering, ageing and UV-resistance
  • Extreme plasticizer resistance. The polyethylene foam stays permanently flexible.
  • Very good adhesion on flat surfaces.
  • A high level of initial tack provides an adequate level of application safety directly after application.
  • Does not damage the mirror coating
  • Vibration dampening and stabilizing with different expansivities of join partners.

Fields of application

  • Initial fixing during adhering of wing-concealing door fillings with OTTOCOLL® M 580 or OTTOCOLL® S 81.
  • Supporting fixing during adhering of mirrors.
  • Installation of PVC sash bars.


10 rolls per box

Products, packaging Units and/or colours bearing order codes are available ex warehouse in standard commercial quantities.

Ottotape Fixierband 1