The premium neutral silicone

Emicode Ec1 Plus R

OTTOSEAL® S 110Characteristics

  • Neutral-curing 1-component silicone sealant, MEKO-free
  • Excellent weathering, ageing and UV-resistance
  • Excellent early resistance to stress
  • Highly abrasion-resistant and non-streaky
  • Good compatibility with paints according to DIN 52452 (not paintable)
  • Tack-free surface
  • Excellent adhesion on many substrates, partly in combination with primer
  • Non-corrosive
  • Contains fungicides
  • Compatible with PVB-foils according to the criteria of the ift-guideline DI-02/1
  • Stress expansion modulus at 100 % (ISO 37, S3A): 0,4 N/mm²

OTTOSEAL® S 110Fields of application

  • Window pane sealing on wooden windows
  • Sealing of joints on windows and doors made of wood, metal and plastic
  • Sealing double-glazings (e. g. "Profilit")
  • Expansion joints on prefabricated concrete and cellular concrete units
  • Sealing of joints on façades, metal constructions
  • Suitable for sealing glazing units
  • Expansion joints in bathroom areas

OTTOSEAL® S 110Standards and tests

  • Tested according to EN 15651 – Part 1: F EXT-INT CC 25 LM
  • Tested according to EN 15651 – Part 2: G CC 25 LM
  • Tested according to EN 15651 – Part 3: XS 1
  • Tested according to EN 15651 – Part 4: PW INT 12.5 E
  • Tested according to DIN 18545, stress group E (institute for window techniques)
  • According to the requirements of DIN 18540-F
  • According to the requirements of ISO 11600 G 25 LM
  • Tested according to FCBA (CTBA) L 114 (suitability of sealants for window pane sealing on wooden windows)
  • Declaration of no objection – tested for use in food-related area (ISEGA Forschungs- und Untersuchungs-Gesellschaft mbH, Aschaffenburg, Germany)
  • Suitable for applications according to IVD instruction sheet no. 3-1+3-2+7+9+10+13+14+19-1+20+22+24+25+27+29+31+32+35 (IVD = German industry association sealants)
  • Quality seal of the IVD (Industrial association for sealants, registered society), tested by the ift Rosenheim (Institute of window engineering, registered society)
  • According to regulation (EG) Nr. 1907/2006 (REACH)
  • French VOC-emission class A+
  • Declaration in "baubook" Austria
  • EMICODE® EC 1 Plus R - very low emission
  • For conformity with DGNB and LEED®, see the sustainability data sheet

OTTOSEAL® S 110Packaging

Due to typographical reasons the colours shown below may differ from the original colours of the products. Please request our colour charts for precise colour examples.

310 ml cartridge 400 ml aluminium foil bag 580 ml aluminium foil bag 20 l plastic pail with PE-inliner
RAL 6005
S110-04-C6005 on request on request on request
RAL 6009
S110-04-C6009 on request on request on request
RAL 9001
S110-04-C9001 S110-07-C9001 on request on request
RAL 9016
S110-04-C9016 on request on request on request
S110-04-C155 S110-07-C155 S110-08-C155 on request
S110-04-C76 on request on request on request
S110-04-C04 S110-07-C04 S110-08-C04 S110-23-C04
S110-04-C13 on request on request on request
S110-04-C05 S110-07-C05 S110-08-C05 on request
S110-04-C742 on request S110-08-C742 on request
chocolate brown
S110-04-C39 on request S110-08-C39 on request
concrete grey
S110-04-C56 on request S110-08-C56 on request
dark brown
S110-04-C49 on request on request on request
dark grey
S110-04-C03 on request S110-08-C03 on request
dark oak
S110-04-C83 on request S110-08-C83 on request
fair brown
S110-04-C06 on request S110-08-C06 on request
fair grey
S110-04-C20 S110-07-C20 S110-08-C20 on request
fair oak
S110-04-C64 on request on request on request
S110-04-C1216 on request on request on request
S110-04-C29 on request S110-08-C29 on request
S110-04-C43 S110-07-C43 S110-08-C43 on request
matt brown
S110-04-C1416 on request S110-08-C1416 on request
S110-04-C57 on request S110-08-C57 on request
S110-04-C31 on request S110-08-C31 on request
S110-04-C84 on request on request on request
S110-04-C88 on request on request on request
S110-04-C12 on request on request on request
sanitary grey
S110-04-C18 S110-07-C18 S110-08-C18 on request
silk grey
S110-04-C77 S110-07-C77 S110-08-C77 on request
S110-04-C94 S110-07-C94 on request on request
S110-04-C116 S110-07-C116 on request on request
S110-04-C00 S110-07-C00 S110-08-C00 S110-23-C00
S110-04-C284 on request on request on request
S110-04-C01 S110-07-C01 S110-08-C01 S110-23-C01
Packaging unit 20 20 20 1
Pieces per pallet 1200 900 600 16

Products, packaging Units and/or colours bearing order codes are available ex warehouse in standard commercial quantities.

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Ottoseal S110 Medium Farbtafel 42x61 5cm