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OTTOFLEX Sealing Strip


  • Polyethylene sealing strip with double non-woven fabric
  • Impermeable to water and has water vapour retarding properties
  • High practical stretching and crack bridging properties
  • Resistant to ageing and decomposition
  • Good resistance to aqueous solutions of salt, acids and alkaline solutions
  • The product is alkali-resistant according to the test specifications of AbP Sealing in connection with tiles and slabs and of ETAG 022
  • Complies with building material class B2 “normally inflammable” in accordance with DIN 4102-1

Fields of application

  • Composite sealing in moisture-prone rooms and wet rooms underneath ceramic coverings and natural stone using the thin bed method (e.g. wet areas such as bathrooms, shower rooms, edge areas of swimming pools, saunas, steam baths, steam saunas, as well as for industrial uses in the foodstuffs industry, e.g. in breweries, dairies)
  • Flexible composite sealing under ceramic coverings and natural stone on balconies, terraces and arcades (not above used rooms) with a gradient ≥ 1.5 %
  • OTTOFLEX Sealing Strip is a crack-bridging, uncoupling, watertight, alternative sealing strip with non-woven fabric for safe fastening of the tile adhesive applied.

Standards and tests

  • Complies with the water action categories W0-I, W1-I, W2-I and W3-I for tear class R1-I in accordance with DIN 18534
  • According to the moisture resistance classes A and C according to abP as well as A0 and B0 according to ZDB information sheet
  • General building inspection certificate - Panel-shaped seal in combination with tiles and board coverings for use as building sealant
  • Based on the inspections for awarding an AbP in accordance with PG-AIV-F and the resulting areas of application, the following stress categories can be assigned from the ÖNORM B 3407 – W1, W2, W3, W4, W5 and W6.
  • French VOC-emission class A+
  • EMICODE® EC 1 Plus - very low emission


1 roll per box

Products, packaging Units and/or colours bearing order codes are available ex warehouse in standard commercial quantities.

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