The dispersion-based solvent-free foil adhesive

1-component dispersion adhesive

For indoor application


  • Durable adhesive properties
  • Removable / correctable
  • Highly adhesive
  • No fixing required, processing possible without pressure bar
  • Plastic adjustment
  • Follows the movement of the building
  • Stable / pasty
  • Compensates unevenness
  • Solvent-free
  • Low odour
  • Convenient processing
  • Ageing resistant
  • For long-lasting indoor applications
  • Store and transport frost-free

Fields of application

  • For connecting air-tight strips according to DIN 4108 - 7 without pressure slats or profiles
  • Not suitable for sauna and swimming pools

Standards and tests

  • Suitable for applications according to IVD instruction sheet no. 12+19-2+31+35 (IVD = German industry association sealants)
  • French VOC-emission class A+
  • Classification according to building certification systems, see the sustainability data sheet


Due to typographical reasons the colours shown below may differ from the original colours of the products. For an exact colour display please request our original colour charts.

310 ml cartridge 580 ml aluminium foil bag
fair blue
P270-04-C987 P270-08-C987
Packaging unit 20 20
Pieces per pallet 1200 600

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